New Referees

Getting Started as a Soccer Referee

1. Get Certified

To register for a class, go to the Georgia Soccer Referee website. Classes are offered multiple times during the year and are listed on the GA Referees website.

2. Order Your Referee Gear

New Referees – Get all your referee gear from our preferred provider, Soccer Post.

3. Set up Your Availability in Game Officials

Log in to the Game Officials web site to update your availability and your bank account for direct deposit.

How to Become a Certified Referee

  • Becoming a certified Georgia soccer referee requires the successful completion of a training course, a written test and field work.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age to become a referee.
  • There are two entry level classes, based on your age.
  • New referees over age 15 start at Grade 8.
  • New referees under age 15 start at Grade 9.

Adult Grade 8:  A Referee Grade 8 is able to work any youth games.

Referee Grade 9:  A Referee Grade 9 is a recreational referee. You will be able to be a center referee for recreational games only, U-14 and younger. You will be able to be an assistant referee (AR) for all levels, U-14 and younger.


All referees are required to wear an official uniform, as mandated by the USSF. Full kits can be purchased at many local soccer shops or online, such as Soccer Post.

At minimum, you need:

  • Yellow Jersey
  • Black Socks
  • USSF Black Shorts
  • Primarily Black Shoes

Additional equipment needed:

  • Whistle
  • Stopwatch
  • Flags
  • Coin
  • Red/Yellow Cards
  • Pen

IMPORTANT: Referees must have multiple jersey colors available in case of conflict with the playing teams. Jersey colors in order of preference are: yellow, black, blue, red and green. All three referees assigned to a game must wear the same color jersey.

Professionalism is expected.
From the moment you arrive at the field you are on duty. Our referees are expected to look and act professional at all times.

New referee equipment is available from:
Soccer Post online store.

new referee uniform kit

USSF Referee Courses

Classes are offered multiple times during the year and are listed on the GA Referees website.
To register for a class, go online to the Georgia Soccer referee website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Entry Level Course (R9): usually offered in August and January / February
  2. Recertification Course (R7, R8 and R9): usually offered in August and January / February
  3. Upgrade course R7 to R6 is offered periodically during the year. Certain requirements must be met to attend.

*** Note – You must re-certify each year. Your badge must reflect the current year.

For more information about the specific courses, please visit the Georgia Soccer website.

Field Maps

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